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How to Flirt with a Girl over a Text (With Examples)

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Flirting over text can be less intimidating than doing it in person, nevertheless, there is a psychology to flirting over text if you want to be successful with girls.

Typically, flirting is supposed to be friendly, lighthearted, and not taken too seriously. you’re going for a flirty tone, you always want to keep it light and avoid talking about heavy, intense stuff. And more importantly, you need to keep positive energy that shines through the messages that you send. Here are the four tips I use when I flirt over the text.

First Tip.

Keep it short and sweet.

Irrespective of how I feel towards a girl, I don’t make the mistake of going right ahead to tell her everything that’s on my mind. For example, telling her how she made me feel, how my heart was just out of my chest when I saw her, and that kind of thing. That might be a cool thing to do for some men, but not me. I like to keep it simple, and stupid.

When I send a text to a girl, I go straight to the point to make my intentions known in a simple way without blabbing or stretching the conversation unnecessarily. For example, after seeing her for the first time, I could send a text like “Hey, I actually have you in mind most of the time today, and I’d like to get to know you a little bit if you’re open for it.” So straight up, she knows where are going with this.

Second Tip

I make a deliberate effort to use open-ended questions to motivate her to talk some more.

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Open-ended questions always allow the person who’s being asked the question to elaborate. So, for instance, instead of asking a girl, how her day was, I could say something like, hey, I had a really terrible day. I had a flat tire and something really bad happened at work. And I’m hoping you had a better day than I did.

By doing this, not only have I told her that I want to know whether her day is going well, I‘ve also started by telling her how my day went. So most likely her answer would…