How I Became a Top Writer on Medium in 1 Week and Made My First $500k

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It’s simpler than you think

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I never thought it was possible to become a top writer in just one week and make money from it. However, it turned out to be easier than I thought.

I started writing on Medium in 2020 as a way to share my thoughts and experience. Back then, I wrote about 7 articles which did not get much traction, I continue in 2021 and wrote about 5 articles, which also did not do well, so I gave up.

what I did not realize back then is that writing is a serious craft. If you don’t approach it intentionally with an overarching goal in your mind, you may get discouraged quickly and ultimately burn out when you don’t see the results you think you deserve.

My 2023 Strategy on Medium worked

One of the most important things no one ever tells you about writing is that it is a battle and battles are won by strategy. Yes, writing is a battle. There is a battle between your article and a thousand other article on the platform all clamoring for the reader’s attention. Which one should the readers click, yours or theirs?

My strategy was simple, pick a topic and have a target audience. The audience is everything in content creation, I call them kingmakers. Your content may be king, but the audience is the kingmakers.

Having a target audience reduces your competition, attracts followers who are passionate about that subject, and establishes you as an authority in that subject.

So far in 2023, I have written 8 articles. My focus topic is relationships and my target audience is men. Basically, I write about relationship advice for men based on my personal experience and proven research.

In January, I wrote about 6 articles, which brought in a total of 16,373 views and $461

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My Medium Stats
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